The junior school in England

The British families to have more than two children. In the view of the British, the more children, the stronger the bonds within the family and the more links for each child with the outside world. This pastoral culture of care and respect firmly inherited boarding schools. Especially the younger school, where children 7-10 years old and for whom it is important from the first day to be in a comfortable and safe environment.

Foremarke Hall School is one of the most luxurious, but at the same time cozy schools for children 7-13 years. Here, in each of the four guest houses cares about the students host family – «houseparents». The child has his own room, he gladly “domesticates”: hanging posters, arranges favorite books.

Another school – Bilton Grange – introduced at the practice of “boarding taster”, where future students may spend 1 or 2 days of test at the guest house to get acquainted with other children, to sit in the classroom, eat lunch in the school cafeteria and play in their spare time.

The one of the graduates of Foremarke Hall Preparatory School said: “In Foremarke Hall say: if you want to – do, if you will not – then the school does not suit you. The English school is not accepted to give a lot of homework – they are executed directly in the classroom, and in the evening homework takes no more than half an hour or no time at all with term paper writing services. In England, it was unusual that we spent a whole year without parents. Did you miss, of course, I often called her mother, she was coming, and we worked together on vacation. ”

Many parents deliberately retard the moment of decision: “Send the child in an English school at such a young age?!” In fact, this position of education is far more sensible. In 7-10 years the child a sense of language, and he quickly learned to take well-developed English as a mother and not as a foreign language.

Typically, the kids and their parents do not have a clear idea of ​​what the child wants to do, and at a private school, there are all conditions to bring out the child’s tendency: large variety of additional employment, well-equipped schools, the program of activities and excursions.

Finally, another argument in favor of the elementary school – that’s how quickly a child adapts to the new environment and how easy it will survive the separation from the best of friends.

About the Author: Milly Weron is a student. She is interested in sport.