Live up to the Promise?

To review SameDayEssay, we carried out a particular experiment. We placed orders by three different names asking to write three essays on differentsubjects (Literature, Music, and History) in order to check whether the site stands up to its title.

Not without a fault, but the experiment worked out well. Would you like to know the details? Read on to learn more.

The time of placing an order matters

As a rule, students are advised to order individually tailored essays in advance. But if the timelines are pressing hard, any port in the storm fits just well.

So, we made the first order in the morning, the second one at 14:20pm and the third one in the evening at 18:20pm.

The thing is, has the minimal time required to finalize an essay set to 3 hours. A bold claim, don’t you think? So we decide to check whether the words and actions actually jibe.

The first order, a three-page piece in History, arrived to the inbox in five hours. The second order, also a three-page piece in Literature arrived in five hours and a half. The third, a paper in Music,arrived the… next day.

What about quality? Are urgent orders well-written?

In our humble opinion, the essays received are good. Not great, still good and in general pretty much acceptable.Minor discrepancies were found, yes, but an overall level of content is good, although the plot is a bit hurry-scurry and might require some amendments on behalf of a student who orders such an urgent essay.

However, almost all requirements were followed in terms of a plot. Grammar, formatting and style are perfect. A demanding tutor would’ve given such essays a B, but a lecturer with down-to-earth expectations might even give them an A.

Drawing up the conclusions

First and foremost, if you’ll ever be using SameDayEssay, because you have a too burning paper to submit, don’t choose the three hour timeline. Choose six hours or even twelve. You won’t save lots of time as the work still won’t arrive in three hours (it will arrive a bit later), but you’ll save money and what is more important you’ll give your expert more time to master an essay that is both fast and well-written.

Secondly, be ready to make quick amendments to the essay on your own before handing it in. Always read the final draft and make sure it’s what you actually need.

And thirdly, order new essays in the morning or in the daytime. In such a case the work will be complete the same day, just as the service tells. If you order a new essay in the evening, be ready it’ll arrive the next day. Marketing is ok, but writers are living creatures and they do want to sleep at night. So,always know better and don’t put your written assignments in a storage THAT cold.

Can I use SameDayEssay in a standard mode?

Absolutely. Given the essays that there are written urgently qualify for a B by a fastidious instructor, essays that are written in a good writing pace could easily stand for an A. Plus the new 128-bit security system implemented by the service adds another serious point in service’s favor making a good shot

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