How to Format Movie Titles in Essays?

All movie essays will require you to name the movie itself in the text, and the way of doing it will depend on the style you adhere to. For instance, APA, Chicago and MLA have the same requirements, i.e. italicized movie title in the body of the paper. For example:

Schindler’s List, directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg and scripted by Steven Zaillian, is based on the book Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Keneally.

Movie titles in essays should have all major words (i.e. nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and pronouns) capitalized; the others (prepositions, conjunctions and articles) are not, unless it is the first word in the title. For instance: The Woman in Black.

The APA style has a few minor differences: words that have over four letters should be capitalized as well; also, it requires capitalization of only the first word of the title in references.

How to format movie title in essay – AP style

A movie title in essay following the Associated Press Styleshould be placed in quotes. For instance:

The majority of fans do not recognize the latest episodes of “Star Wars” as the part of the initial story.

As for capitalization, every major word, as well as the words having more than four letters and also the first and the last word of the title should be capitalized.

Movie analysis essay: how to write one?

If you were assigned to write a movie essay, do not hurry up to relax. The task is just as complicated as writing book analysis. Even an ordinary my favorite movie essay will require not only description of the plot, but also analysis of its characters and main themes. In other words, you can’t just say what you like without telling why you like it and being persuasive.

For instance, in a Crash movie essay one shouldn’t simply retell the stories shown. After all, there is hardly a complicated plot: people getting into car crashes, stealing cars and shooting at each other. The real story is behind all of that, and ‘crash’ refers to not only a car crash, but also to a clash of cultures and races.

The secret is, one should look deeper and closer. If you are writing about your favorite movie, start with background information: date of release, director, cast and awards received. Also, specify what literary work it is based on (if any), and tell a few words about the author. When it’s done, move to the plot. You should provide a short summary instead of a detailed description, as your primary goal is to give your reader a general idea.

The characters are also a very important part of your essay. Try to analyze them and their actions, reveal motives and explain how their personalities are developed in the course of the movie.

The main theme of the movie is probably the key part of your essay. What is behind the obvious? Is there anything a reader should see between the lines? Finally, why did you like the movie so much? (Special effects and the skill of actors should not be primary reasons to favor a movie).

In the end, make a conclusion. What can the movie teach the people who watch it? Why is it worth watching? Who should watch it? Is it for everyone, or maybe only a certain group can appreciate it in full? Finally, is it somehow related to your personal life experience?

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