How to Write an A-Grade Critical Review of a Product or a Service

Some students may think that a critical review is a negative review, but it isn’t so. A critical review analyzes the subject from all sides and makes objective conclusions. For more information about critical reviews, see here.

And now let’s find out how to critically review a product or a service and get an A grade for this review or essay.

First of all, the review should be based solely on your own research and conclusions. You may read the reviews that are written by other people, such as at Trustpilot, but don’t pass them off as your own thoughts if you want to receive an A grade.And refrain from turning to essay writing services; this can make your grade lower.

When choosing a product or a service for review, please consider the following characteristics:

  1. Trust: Customers trust this product or service and recommend it to others.
  2. Expert’s choice: Product or service is positively reviewed by renowned experts in the applicable field, at trusted websites.
  3. Ease of use: Product or service is simple, user-friendly, and intuitive (in case if it is software).
  4. Customer support: Product or service has professional and polite customer support.
  5. Marketing: Product or service has no aggressive ads, or gives the user the ability to turn off the ads.
  6. Price: Product or service has a low price or is free.

Now, when you’ve chosen the product or service, become its user or a potential customer, and see if it does what it’s expected to do, maybe even compare it with other similar products or services. Don’t be too personal and share only objective thoughts. For example, don’t say “I didn’t like the user interface,” instead say “The user interface may seem somewhat complicated to non-technical people.” Remember that people are different, and one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

To sum up, just keep these tips in mind on your way to success, and the result will come out as an A grade. Good luck!

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