How Much Credit Deserves? Time to Find It Out

Today there are so many essay writing services that a student has no idea which to trust and which to avoid. Every provider of individually tailored papers promises you a pie in the sky but every third fails to live up to the promise. Is any better (especially with such a univocal name)?

One of our reviewers placed a test order at the abovementioned service to check its credibility. Below is the quick summary of the main cornerstones to bring you up to speed.

The standard writing time is 3 days

If you have a classic essay they give to write at schools, colleges and universities, the standard timeline will be three days. If you task is burning red hot, the essay can be written in three hours. We decided to test that.

As it comes out, a five-page essay in Literature didn’t arrive in three hours. It arrived in five and a half. Therefore, you are recommended to avoid the “marketing trap” and have a good head on your shoulders. Even a classy writer won’t provide you with a proper essay in less than three hours. Not in this world.

Content level? It’s OK

It could be better but as for an urgent essay that has been written in five hours, it’s everything one could wish for under such circumstances.

Plot is fine, mistakes weren’t found. The MLA style has been applied up to par. The author understood the requirements pretty well. No serious revisions were needed. We didn’t order a TOP writer in the subject. However, given the level of quality provided by a standard expert, it is possible to presuppose that quality of a TOP specialist could’ve been even better.

In addition, a student can order revisions apart from standard two weeks granted by defaults. Might be a catch, if you have a 15+ page paper and want to make sure it’s spotless.

The price is standard . But if you bring a friend…

…you will have a price-off for the next order. The discount under the Loyalty program depends upon the sum of your friend’s order and constitutes and a certain percentage of its overall value.

As for the page-money ratio, it’s neither high nor low. In general, it is possible to say that prices are balanced. Judging from our test order, you got what you had been expecting. The service neither exceeded our expectations nor failed to live up to them.

Drawing up the conclusion

In the dark wilderness of essay writing services, is a pretty good website. It provides you with a great essay and follows the timeline, neither more nor less.

But we’ll still recommend using this particular agency rather than a similar one. Why? It uses 128-bit encryption system and deletes papers when the revision period is over. So when it comes to privacy of client’s data, EssayTrust spurs into the lead.

The final verdict? The test essay came back good. The Loyalty program is something to dig in for a change. So if you’re tired to look for a first-rate essay facility and EssayTrust is already open in your browser, place an order at once.

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